DADS, the Database Application Development System, makes it quick and easy to create even the largest, most complex 4D structures...tables, fields, relations and all!

DADS version 2 has a ton of new features. Here’s a partial list:

  • Create structure definitions for 4D applications
  • Generates 4D Insider SQL DDL files
  • Completely updated table and field editors
  • Access to underlying data
  • Automated documentation
  • Relation information and reporting
  • Code generation for 4D Open, Selection to array, data validation/triggers, etc. (Download a sample file of generated code.)

Download a trial version of DADS and see for yourself!

Here’s a quote from a beta tester:

“Anyway, for the record, DADS is great. I used it in this project to generate the code for 4D Open binds to distill the data from 2 Servers into 1 application that will form the basis of a CD ROM catalogue and a Web-based catalogue. (Sorry about the anglo-saxon spelling influence ;-). I don’t know if you’ll have it finished in time for the Summit, but I'll be there and if anyone needs an unbiased ;-) opinon send them along.”
Modified July 15, 1999