The purpose of this resume is to help you determine if my experience and skills can be of value to your organization.

You will see that I have significant expertise in working with 4th Dimension, have solved a wide variety of business problems, and have valuable hands-on experience in business, management, and leadership.

I can be reached at

To use my expertise and knowledge in 4D development, management, and business management to assist in the creation, maintenance, marketing, or support of 4D applications.

Since early 1990, I have worked in a variety of technical and technical management capacities focused on the design, programming, and support of 4D and 4D Server-based systems.

Written and supported single user and multi-user systems that support between 1 and 50 users. Data files range from 15,000 records and 7 Megs to 4.2 million records and 1.7 gigabytes.

Have worked in multi-developer environments, starting with version 2 of 4D.

Have successfully worked in a remote development environment since January of 1999.

Have worked in mentorship capacity.
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Programming Expertise
My expertise, and my passion, is to deal with “the hard stuff”. I enjoy taking on the difficult challenges and creating high-quality, easily-maintained solutions.

Laundry list of ACI/4D Inc products with which I am intimately familiar: most ACI/4D Inc. products including 4th Dimension, 4D Server, Insider, Compiler/Compiler Pro, all D utilities, 4D Write, 4D Draw, 4D Calc, 4D Open for 4D, 4D SQL Server, 4D ODBC, and 4D Remote.

Click here for information about interfaces built with AreaList Pro or here for a program built around AreaList Pro.

Laundry list of third party products and plug-ins with which I am intimately familiar: 4D Chooser, 4D Internet Commands, ACI Pack, AreaList/AreaList Pro, BLOB Manager, CC Validate, Calendar Set, Coolbar, DisplayList, DynArray, FaceLift, Fax Pack,FilePack, FootMessenger, FootRunner, Internet Toolkit, MenuSet, MS Mail, Net 4D, NetLink, Online Help, PDM Internet Tools, Object Tools, PDF Direct, PictBundle, PopupPack, Print List Pro, QueryPack, Quick Code Pro, ReadWriteVar, Sanity Check, SpellsWell, Stuff 4D, SuperLabel, SuperReport Pro, SuperText, System 7 Pack, TextArea Plus, ThermoSet, ToolSet, ZipQuest, and ZP4.

Developed two commercially available, 4D-based products. “DADS” is a CASE tool that does forward and reverse engineering of 4D and ODBC applications as well code generation for 4th Dimension. “Server EKG” is a standalone program that does process and load monitoring for 4D Server applications. I have programmed, but not productized, a version of Server EKG that can monitor AppleTalk networks and TCP/IP-based servers.

Regular guest speaker at the 4D Summit Conferences. Topics include sessions on AreaList Pro and on Object Tools (Orlando, 2001,); “Interprocess Messaging and Data Transfer” (San Diego, 2000); “High Speed Data Entry” (Denver, 1999);and pointers and arrays in 4D (Breckenridge, 1992).

Frequently read and reread books on the topic of software engineering and programming in my quest to increase my level of professional knowledge.

Have used CASE tools in the 4D development process.

Intimate knowledge of using 4D Open to connect 4th Dimension to 4D Server and for transfer of data between multiple 4D Server systems.

Expertise in system design using the waterfall and spiral methodologies, requirements interviews, and writing requirements.

Intimate knowledge of using Internet Toolkit (“ITK”) for SMTP, POP3, and private protocol transmissions using TCP/IP and UDP.

Experience with web publishing using ITK and DataWave.

Experience with single and double entry accounting systems. In addition to studying accounting in college which lead to my work as an accountant with Sun Oil Trading, Ltd. , I have worked with the A4, a 4D-based, open source accounting program.

Proofreader of “Inside 4th Dimension V6”, published January 1999, Alto Stratus LLC.

Long time contributor and columnist to “Dimensions” magazine.

Interviewed in Dimensions article “Using a CASE Tool with 4D”, January/February 1996.
Dimensions articles include “Move Date” March/April 1995; “Generating Test Data” January/February 1995; “Simple Synergy - ZipQuest Pro Meets System 7 Pack” September/October 1994; “A Cross-Tab Report with 4D Calc” July/August 1993; “Parameter Indirection” July/August 1993; “Third Party Products and Services for 4D” May/June 1993.

Have written 13 product reviews for Dimensions: AreaList Pro; DataCheck; DataStrike; DataWave; DynArray; Email Express; Object Tools, ReadWriteVar; “The Inner Dimension”; “Programming 4th Dimension - The Ultimate Guide”; SchedulePack; SuperWrite; and TextArea Plus.

Experienced with the Macintosh OS, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98.

Internet experience includes use of email applications, browsers, web servers, and FTP clients under Windows and Macintosh. (Refer also to my work at SMART Technologies for further information about Internet experience.)

Working knowledge of LAN, WAN, and VPN issues, as well as expertise with Internet connectivity using ISDN and DSL routers.

Member of American Mensa.
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Positions Held
Vice President, Technology at Acumen Inc. - Primary responsibility was to update legacy system written in 1995 to connect to an HP 3000 minicomputer via ODBC. In addition, designed and developed a web-based bug reporting and tracking system, a help desk management application, and an automated faxing system.

Senior Systems Architect, Knowledgesharing Systems - Project lead for “eNTRe” a distributed database for capture and submission of new technologies developed by NASA contractors. Designed and programmed “Full Disclosure”, an application distributed by NASA to illustrate how “TechTracS” (a mature 4D Server system located in each NASA field center) supported NASA’s mission of developing technologies that could be licensed for commercial use. Full Disclosure allowed a staff member to link records for display in a hierarchical manner. The user could, for example, select the NASA logo and drill down through information explaining the different levels of the NASA bureaucracy, through the different field centers, into TechTracS, and into any object in TechTracS. As each object was selected, all objects in the hierarchy were displayed in the 4D Draw area. Full Disclosure was distributable on a CD-ROM and was able to be used in standalone form, as a web-accessible database, or to generate HTML, including all links and images.

Senior Developer, SMART Technologies - Member of the project team supporting for ZiffDavis. NetBuyer was a combined 4D Server/MS SQL Server system that has handled in excess of 1,000 concurrent users. In addition to code cleanup within NetBuyer and developing reporting capabilities, I created modules for replication, email, and reporting based on 4D Open for 4D and ITK.

President, SE Software, Inc. - Managed a staff of 2 to 6 workers. Expertise in business aspects of the company, managing personnel, and converting suspects into prospects into satisfied customers. Technical duties have required that I become intimately familiar with all facets of 4th Dimension and 4D Server programming.
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Corporate Resume

Abacus Direct Corporation (CO) MemberWorks (CT)
Acumen, Inc. (NM) MSN Communications (CO)
Agent’s Equity (TO) Relevant Technologies, Inc. (MA)
Alme and Associates (TX) Secured Credit Cards of America (CO)
Amgen (CO) Site of Care Systems (CA)
Apple Computer, Inc. (CO) Smart Parts (PA)
Auction Information Services (NJ) SMART Technologies (TX)
Colorado Medical Society (CO) Snyder Manufacturing Company, Inc. (CO)
Country Classics Furniture (CO) Storage Technologies (CO)
Datacore Marketing, Inc. (MO) Terraine Environmental Services, Inc. (FL)
Diversified Computer Programming (AR) U S WEST Communications, Inc. (CO)
Flow Instrumentation and Consulting Services, Inc. (CO) U S WEST Communications, Inc. (MN)
Heinrich Marketing, Inc. (CO) U S WEST Direct (CO)
Hibbert Group (CO) U S WEST Marketing Resources Group, Inc. (CO)
Intelligent Electronics (CO) U S WEST Advanced Technologies (CO)
Jonoke Software, Inc. (Alberta, Canada) US Ski Team Passport (CO)
Knowledgesharing Systems, Inc. (NC) Weick Mechanical Corporation (CO)
Los Alamos National Labs (NM)  
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Descriptions of Selected Projects

Remote Access for Vertical Market Product — “MediFile”, Jonoke Software, Inc.
MediFile is a large 4D Client paperless medical office application that is sold through most of Canada’s provinces. Jonoke realized that sales would suffer if they didn’t take the step of adding the capabilities of 4D Open to their product.
During a three week on-site visit, I was able to design and install the core code needed to migrate MediFile’s “Letters” module from working only with 4D Client to being able to seamlessly connect using 4D Client, 4D Open, or 4D ODBC.
This “proof of principle” approach was a resounding success. Using 4D Open, we were able to consistently load a Letters record in only two seconds…over a 21k modem connection!

Customizable Interface for Vertical Market Product — “Equity Works”, Relevant Technology, Inc.
When working in Equity Works, customers complained that it took too long to create a record and they didn’t want to have to flip between pages of the form to find the fields that were appropriate. Instead, users wanted a Quick Entry form so they could select the fields and the AreaList Pro areas that would appear on a “Quick Entry” screen.
Options for the user interface were to use either AreaList Pro or 4D’s fields. The decision was made to use 4D’s fields since that would make it less difficult to reuse the sophisticated data entry controls already in use in the application.
Check here for more information and screenshots of the finished product.

System Architect and Module Creation, Site of Care Systems
Site of Care Systems is an established vertical market software vendor whose flagship product is being re-written. In addition to providing significant guidance to establish the overall system architecture, I was responsible for the design and development of numerous classes including the 4D Open routines and an Object Tools-based configuration editor for AreaList Pro.

Email Client
A 2 week project to create an easy-to-use email client for users who may have diminished physical or intellectual capabilities. The application consists of modal windows and simplified forms to reduce complexity and to ensure that users can successfully compose and send emails. The application allows the user to create and voice recording and automatically prints incoming messages and attached pictures.

Codometer analyzes 4D code. The user imports the 4D Insider file of all project methods and the 4D Compiler symbol file. Codometer examines the contents of these files and produces metrics that can be used as guidelines for the quality, clarity, and efficiency of the code.
Metrics are produced for every project method as well as for the application as a whole.

A 2-year project for an 80-man company that produces marketing pieces for banks.
The “Centralized Operations Information Network” supports 50 users and is used to automate many of the project and personnel management functions.

A 4D-based program that supports forward and reverse engineering of 4D applications. Additional information is available at

This was a “cow pie” - a new 4D developer got in over his head in a project and asked us to help him out.
After 4 hours of interviews with the developer, it became clear that what the client needed was a subscription management program. We agreed to start over with a clean data model and produced a solid product.
A company in Denver uses this program to manage sales of the Apple Professional Support Program.

This database manages fantasy sports teams for a Denver-based company.
Uses AreaList Pro for an extremely easy to use interface for customer service reps. Screenshots of the interface are in the AreaList Pro review.

Fastie handles all aspects of creating teams, making player trades, charging credit cards, invoicing, and reporting of team standings.

Reports were very complex because Fastie had to track and report statistics for each of the thousands teams in the database, each of which could have a combination of NFL/AFL players. Was able to design structure and code Fastie to generate reports at the rate of 15 reports per minute.

The Interim Business Management System was written in 4D version 2 for US WEST Advanced Technologies, the R & D branch of US WEST. Prior to the IBMS, executive management did not have details of the types of work were being don e in the 500 man company. Projects overlapped and there were serious inefficiencies in cost and productivity.

This project was initially an 8-week effort. Essentially, they wanted to see if I could deliver what I said I could. The IBMS was so successful that I ended up working on it for almost 2 years.

The IBMS supported a user audience of 143. It was so popular that it became “a victim of its own success”. Under 4D version 2, we hit the performance wall at about 15 users.

Eventually, the IBMS was replaced by the “BMS” which required 15 man years of development and more than a million of dollars in development costs.

Padre manages teacher certifications, classes, and class registrations for school districts.
Developed “Padre Viewer”. A standalone program that uses 4D Open to log into a 4D Server, execute a query, extract the results of the query, and display the records in an AreaList Pro area. Padre was upgraded for web access in 1997.

A project management database for the consulting branch within US WEST Communications.
Upon delivery, PTS met or exceeded all user expectations but was shelved within a few months during one of US WEST’s numerous reorganizations.

The Repair Equipment Tracking System was written for a local school district to allow them to create and track trouble tickets for repairs of audiovisual, computer, and copier equipment.
RETS was upgraded for web access in 1997.

The Recycling Information Tracking System was written for the recycling department of US WEST Direct. It is used to manage the collection and recycling/resale out of date phone books for the entire 14-state region.

The “System for Applications, Agents, and Advertising Management” was a 30-month project. This 4D Server system supports sales, data entry, credit decisions, collections, check printing, outbound calling, and card issuance for the fastest growing secured card credit card company in the United States. SAAAM has grown from 3 users in October 1994 to supporting 45 users in Denver and North Dakota locations.
The main server in SAAAM contains over 4.2 million records and occupies 1.7 gigabytes of disk space. SAAAM contains over 400,000 applications and currently has over 150,000 cardholders.
SAAAM uses advanced 4D techniques to ensure that performance and reliability goals are met.

The Sales Budget and Analysis System was written to allow US WEST personnel to automatically generate monthly and annual budget analyses for US WEST personnel throughout the 14 state region.
SABAS imports raw data from mainframe systems and generates complex using 4D layouts, 4D Calc, as well as exports of data for graphing and printing in Excel.

Server EKG
A vertical market application that monitors processes and provides real time, accurate server load for 4D Server. Additional information is available at

This is a companion product to SABAS. Spenser allows 300 - 400 US WEST Direct yellow pages sales representatives to submit travel and cellular telephone expenses back to SABAS. Spenser uses 4D Open and TCP/IP to upload expense information from any location on the WAN. Testing has shown that typical connect times will be well under 10 seconds. Used in conjunction with SABAS, Spenser will reduce expenses via eliminating duplicate submissions of expenses and automation of the expense report authorization process.
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